Here we provide information about program cancellations and changes to opening hours:

Entire AHK On Thursday, May 16th, the AHK (climbing, circus, Halle59, etc.) will be closed all day.

Questions & Answers

Frequently asked Questions:

When will the skate park renovation be finished?

We can't say at the moment, we'll keep you up to date here on the website, in the newsletter and via our social media channels.

Where can I book a slot and where do I have to register?

You do not need to book a slot for the open offers, such as open driving, the normal Skapepark opening hours, open artistry and open climbing and can simply come by without registering.

For group offers, road trips, camps, etc. must be registered. If you have any questions, it is best to send us an email. You can find all contact persons under Team.